35 Dumb Things Well- Intended People Say

While reading through this short reading I could hardly make it to the back of the second page, and to be honest I didn’t even finish the reading. I couldn’t stop thinking about the first little short section about “Impact”. How other judge other, my example came from my grandparents judging my friends from my high school basketball team. My grandparents and almost everyones grandparents grew up in a different way. People thought differently about others. My high school basketball team was very diverse, and we were a family, we all hung out together. One weekend when my grandparents were visiting I was hanging out with my teammates. A couple of them were black and when my grandparents asked who i had been with when i listed the people they gave in a funny look and i knew what was going through their mind. I didn’t think anything of it and didn’t know anyone that really thought anything from it that went to my school, but outside of the team, like my grandparents and my parents viewed things differently and it was just kind of shocking.


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